The greatest gift from God

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This might be hard to believe

But it is true. The greatest gift from God is not to have any of your wishes fulfilled.

There are many things needed to reach the highest / nirvikalpa samadhi Vivekananda said

  1. A human body
  2. A true living Guru
  3. Desire to be liberated

The hardest is desire to be liberated. Yes we have it. But it is fleeting. Maybe it comes for a few days weeks or months. In some it maybe a few years. But what is needed is life long. If you look at the lives of many People, noticeably the Hollywood and Bollywood actors and actresses – they are so busy enjoying life. They go deeper and deeper in the quick sand of earth And lose sight of God completely. And that is the problem with riches and happiness. You get sucked deeper and deeper into this world.

Now everyone has a different definition of getting God. My definition is getting God , in very simple terms, being constantly aware of God and not wanting anything in this world. Both conditions must be there

So not getting wishes fulfilled or getting fulfilled with difficulty, we raise slowly the futility of the world. And in time it reinforces into a strong desire for God.

However much time is lost finding the right path and method and understanding. And even you have that, then people enjoy the discussion as debate about God and they want to teach others. But no one wants to silence the mind and emotions and logic and understanding of God. – just enjoy his presence without having a tamasic, lazy attitude. And these two things represent the next hurdle

There are not many people who have a sustained interest. Some with interest fall into the wrong steps of debate and reading and understanding. If you really want God stop reading the books too. ( after you know the right things)

Many books written by liberated Guru are not understood properly

For example Vigyan Bhairav. By Abhinav Gupta a thousand years ago was translated by Vijay singh and Laxman Joo Both are scholars in Sanskrit yet their interpretation was entirely wrong ( from my standard)

Here is shloka 79

upavisydasane samyak bahu kytvardhakuicitay ।

kaksavyomni manah kurvan Samam-dyati tallayat ॥79

  1. Sitting on a seat one should Place the arms in

position, and fixing the mind on the void under

pits, it will merge in that (void) and attain peace,

Of course such nonsense, like focusing on the armpit is nonsense. Anyone who follows that will be disappointed

My interpretation is as follows

Upvishaya- without / above desires for the world

Asana – posture.

Sit in the right posture without desires of the senses

Arms bent or curved represents the jyoti mudra. A secret method to quickly see God

Kakshay vyomni. – this refers to brahmar gufa or the secret cave which gyaneshwar Maharaj, Brahma and a, anwar etc described

Meditate there and you mind will be liberated

Please don’t follow the nonsense written by scholars who have no true yoga experience

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