Time passes by

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Time passes

Some wishes granted

Some wishes thwarted

The body gets older

A wasted life

On trivial pursuits

All the money

All the fame

Caught in mayas game

Be thou smart

Use Yoga’s Art

Learn to part

From maya’s tart

Win Gods’ grace

Use Guru’s given mace

Finish your race

At record pace

Life is short

Make your choice

Satan or God.

Desires for world

You picked Satan

A life rotten

A goal forgotten

Pick God I urge

Everything in the world

Will hurt you for sure

Leaving tears in the eye

For that’s Satan game

Promise Of pleasure

A liar he is

But in the end

Pain shall rein

I end with a hint

A divine sound

Of fame reknown

It goes by Aum

Pranav it is

Hear it!

Hear it!

Hear it!

Trace the sound

Back to your roots

There you will dine

With Saints divine

That is Yoga

Destroys all Roga

The Gift of a Guru

Your savior he is

Hear Aum again and again

That’s the road

Hear it once

Your sins destroyed

Hear it twice

Break your ties ( to desires)

Hear it thrice

Maya shall tremble

Now hear it ever

No more delirious fever *

Aum Aum Aum

Immerse in it

Hear it in meditation

And leave the world


  • Satan – pit of fire which is this world, has created this illusionary world hence delirious fever
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