Why should a yogi not touch

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There are many Rules a yogi should follow

It is not easy to over come maya. Or Satan. Jesus said get thee behind me. To Satan note that is a yogic technique but more later Many yogi have gone beyond maya or maha maya.

But the battle is long. Difficult. So there were rules that were given

  • Timing of meditation
  • Frequency of meditation
  • When to eat and what to eat
  • Living alone
  • Not to touch others

Most of the others you probably know and you can always ask your Guru. But not to touch others is not only related to sex. Even a general touch Why?

This is because when you become spiritually more in tune, you see that thoughts are not only thinking or conveyed via speech but it is a living power. You can transmit a thought from one person to the other via a power or force. This medium where it travels is called in yoga “payas”. (Good luck finding it on the web) But Devatma Shakti has a good description

So these things when transmitted can get a hold of the other person and change his or her thinking. So being alone and not talking it touching is recommended. You have a tough enough problem with your own thoughts let alone others

In other words what’s app. Social media talking on phone etc can make your progress slow or reverse it

On the other hand talking with a true yogi can be very beneficial

Look at this way , this is an area where you have no experience or little excitement. Some distorted concepts and you are so gullible that even lies seem wonderful. What is the hope ?

So first find someone genuine. And stick to that person

But be careful you don’t fall for a cult.

Remember a yogi will never have a cult or group. His true teaching is only one on one. In private

He does not want many. Just one or Two genuine people. And does not want your money or body

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