Mindfullness – the foolish technique

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First let us be clear. Yoga comes from the sanskrit word Yuj or to join. In other words you can say merge into God or pure consciousness. That is what Yoga is about.

In this understanding of Yoga, you start with the idea that there is pure consciousness and or God

Second, we have to have a understanding what God or pure consciousness is. You will never know exactly till you reach there out. God – a creator and someone who monitors and takes care of the creation and is omnipotent, omnipresent etc. Pure consciousness is pure awareness. Whether pure consciousness has every thing that we call God can be discussed some other day.

What do I mean by pure consciousness – something that is aware of itself without needing thoughts, emotions or the body. Now there is much much more to it. But this would be a starting point. The mistake we make is we believe thinking is part of pure consciousness. IT IS NOT.

So, let us move forward with this concept that there is something, higher and deeper and beyond this physical world, which is pure consciousness and getting there, merging in there is our goal

So far so good.

So, how do we get to the superconsciousness or pure consciousness from this physical world?

Obviously there has to be a gateway or connecting link. Our mind and thoughts are scattered. The mind roams everywhere and anywhere. And the mind often is a creator and imagines things. You can imagine God. You can imagine a handsome guy or female. You can imagine Krishna, Buddha, Jesus or Swaminarayan, etc. But remember, it is something you imagined and that is NOT the real thing.

So the first step is to bring the mind back to your body, so you can find yourself or go within your body. And from here you can start Yoga. In ancient times, breathing or breath was described as the beginning of back to the body. This technique is known as Sohum or Hungso technique. In Buddhism, the modern thinking is, it is Vipassana. This is thinking, in my opinion is incorrect. (More criticism to follow, you can leave. Dont hate me or get angry, because that is not love towards all which is part of Vipassana)

Now in Yoga, there is a little secret doorway and ingredient to the Sohum technique. This secret door or ingredient is not revealed. You wont find it in books or on the internet. Nevertheless, without that ingredient, you cannot progress further. Your mind will remain in this outside world and limited to the body. People dont even talk about the secret ingredient, because they dont know it exists and after reading this, you will say, I dont believe it. I cant find it in any book or on the all knowing internet. My answer, thats unfortunate! Once that ingredient is given, then the royal road, the sushumna / brahmanadi opens and you go to superconsciousness or pure consciousness which has a special way of knowing itself. This special way of knowing or pure consciousness is a status that the Original buddha called Vipassana. (I can discuss it further later). The word vipassana itself means – Vi special and passana seeing. ( i am giving a general version). So this pure consciousness or superconsciousness or God has a divine way of seeing or knowing – the spiritual eye or the third eye. But that third eye comes much much later and it comes from dropping the awareness of the body!

Now, hopefully you have something clear.

Pure consciousness or superconsciousness is in a different or higher plane from the body

It comes from going “within”.

It means dropping awareness of the body and being aware of the pure consciousness and then merging into it.

This is my understanding. I cannot offer any proof and I do not seek followers or money or anything from anyone. My only wish, is that if you ever get tired of all the other techniques in this world, if you truly want to know the correct path, my blogs can give a clear and logical understanding

Now lets come to Mindfullness

True vipassana or the spiritual third eye is very difficult to achieve. In the rush to perfection, Goenka talked about Vipassana in 4 or 5 steps. In the third step, he called being aware of the breath and then body as Vipassana. I believe Vipassana as something much higher and correlate it with the spiritual third eye.

Now, you are faced with the choice, believe that observing the body is perfection of Vipassana or believe that Vipassana is achieving the spiritual third eye and it lies in a plane of existence above the physical world

So, like I said, in Mindfullness they are told to mere observe the breath, the sensations of the body, watch yourself eating, chewing, walking etc. They consider that as Saakshi Bhav and emancipation and perfect Vipassana

My thought – you are still caught up in the body.

This technique in recent times was talked by Goenka, then Thich Nhat Hanh from Vietnam talked about it. In 1979, Kabat-Zinh from MIT popularized it. Now many many people follow it, but they have missed the boat. In my opinion, the goal is to go to superconsciousness and not focus on the body. Focusing on the body is like not going within and going nowhere

Saakshi Bhav

Kapil muni described Saakshi Bhav as a way to going within. The same techniqe is described by Ramana Maharshi as who am I. So how does this fit in with Vipassana (the modern thinking) or Sohum or Hungso technique? So granted, in these techniques,you start with the breath. But you go within, like who is aware of the breath and when you realize there is a consciousness that is aware of breath you drop the breath and become aware of a deeper, more fuller realm. Now you are not aware of the body but aware of a deeper layer of a richer consciousness. While interacting with other people, what do you do? While interacting with other people, it is emotions and thoughts that come in play. Sri Aurobindo has described what to do in that situation in his book – Integral Yoga. But he quickly suggests of going to inner consciousness and then cosmic consciousness.

In short, mindfullness got fixated on the body. Yoga wants you to drop body awareness as fast as you can and go to a higher plane

You can go with popular opinion and the rage of the day or chose to find a higher dimension. Take your pick!

Go love your body (and other bodies). I prefer my solitude and the higher dimension. The love in that dimension is sustainable.

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