Do you want your shakti awakened?

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Yes. Of course!

However in ancient tim shakti was not awakened without rigorous testing!

Very rigorous!

Those tests – at present no one can endure!

Look at the test Harischandra endured.. He lost his money, deprecated from wife, homeless, lost his only son- but he did not deviate from his path

It is only after that was his shakti awakened

There are many silly people who met my Guru or read books and blogs and ask questions about awakening and expect awakening to be given just because they ask and are interested!

For them God has arranged many other Gurus. My blog is not meant for them. I belong to a specific path not meant for everyone. Very few will ever follow this. And before they get awakening, they were checked very rigorously. Not like Harischandra. Much lighter. Nevertheless, a certain degree of testing is needed

A Guru who accepts every one as a disciple is not a true Guru. Why? Because awakening of shakti is very precious. If you know the importance, you simply do not give it to anyone ! That of course is my interpretation. I could be wrong

So it is easy to spot a true Guru. He has very few disciples. Does not awaken shakti freely. He may have followers – but a follower is not a disciple. Vivekananda and Yogananda had many followers. But the specific step of awakening of shakti was rarely given

But I follow Yogananda and I know my shakti is awakened? Good for you. My definition of awakening is very stringent. I don’t see 10 people with awakening. My stupidity

That is an important tip. Please don’t follow me or read my blogs

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