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Someone commented today that I should not have used the word that Ramana maharshi deceived. Thank you!! I corrected it. My apologies for offending anyone

It would been difficult to understand why I used the words

However in Gita chapter 10, verse 36

“There are many kinds of cheaters all over the universe. Of all cheating processes, gambling stands supreme and therefore represents Krsna. As the Supreme, Krsna can be more deceitful than any mere man.”

Krishna himself calls himself deceitful

This form of deceit is not deceit in the sense we use

I used the word deceit in that supreme self for Ramana Maharshi

This deceit word has a different meaning

It is used in this sense. People have choices. Either the world or self knowledge and God. They are given that choice When such holy people appear they give everyone the choice to find one self or continue the worldly ways. But even though they are capable of telling you that you made the choice for wanting the world and that choice is a poor choice they never say that or correct

And that’s how many people lose the chance of escape.

Maya has a strong hold on worldly people. It constantly deceives everyone. Even on the path of spirituality. So many religions so many ways described

But all ends up in one way. Via Sushumna. The Royal path. There is no other way

Great people like krishna, Ramana maharshi, Vishnu tirthji, Neem Karoli Baba, are truly God. But the next claim it , say it or show it. Even when they do, they give credit to someone else

This is the mastery over maya. Mastery over the deceitful eyes people have. In plain view yet fully hidden form of God. My pranam to them

I am very much in debt to Ramana maharshi. He gave me a tremendous gift recently

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