Gradations of consciousness

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Let’s talk about the human body in relation to the Sushumna

Yogi or not, one has to agree that the neurological system is very important for any living being. Without it, there is no good interaction with others, lack of sensory and physical or intellectual interaction would be a disaster

So yogi figured out that the brain plus spinal cord is the chief neurological site. Yes medical science knows it all too well too

Now we will deviate from medicine and talk about Sushumna ( somewhat like the spinal cord) You can read this from Yogananda Maharaj ( paramhansa) also

  • Sushumna : The outer most is called Sushumna. This is chiefly connected to the gross body
  • Vajra and Chitra : this is connected to the subtle body. Vajra helps subtle body move. Chitra the deeper layer drives the subtle body to spirituality
  • Brahmanadi : this is related to Karan deha or causal body

Now there are 7 knots in these and they are called chakra

I will now describe the 7 knots very briefly and how each knot shows different powers of the consciousness

  • Muladhar – power to say no
  • Swadisthan – power to be adamant in saying no
  • Manipur – ability to remain determined in saying no
  • Anahat – power over prana. This is the single most decisive part over victory
  • Vishudha – consciousness now has peace
  • Agna – intuitive powers
  • Sahastrar – wisdom of self and how self created the universe, became the universe. This is where Jesus said my father and I are one. Or know ye not you are all Gods

Now there are a lot of more detailed experiences – not the artistic description of the kamal or lotus which people write about. It is necessary to know those detailed experiences so it gives you confirmation that you are progressing.

Right now, I don’t see one person who has even started at Muladhar! But curiously enough there are lots of blogs and stage comedians ( sorry that was harsh ) who give profound lectures!

Oh well! I do respect everyone though – all are trying in whatever way they know and understand. I try to in my own meager ways !

Good luck

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