The mind – changing it

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The mind has the habit of reacting. It will always be the case. You talk with someone. You like it. Or you dislike it. Or oh whatever. They are all reactions

And reaction is a karma. And becomes binding. Kind of difficult to escape isn’t it?

So the final steps of progress is – the mind is transformed. It is a purely mechanical process. There is no thought, no need for control, no emotions. It is just transformed. Changed.

How do you change it? Hardly anyone knows it. But my understanding is – consciousness has the habit of getting attached to the mind and body. When consciousness is purified, it no longer attaches to the mind or body. Body consciousness is lost. That’s all. This consciousness – is not the true consciousness but the aspect of consciousness that is illusionary, the part that thinks that is alive but thinks it is ! Complicated. That’s why Jesus said let the dead bury the dead

Now the true consciousness is pure by itself, this is the true consciousness. This true consciousness is the only way to God. Different people call it different names – Christ or Christ consciousness, kutastha, atman, krishna consciousness, son of God etc

That’s it! Your work is over. Or spirituality has started

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