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Yogananda meets Raman Maharishi

Link to Original Document One of my friends sent this video to me On suffering Paramahamsa Yogananda Meeting with Ramana Maharshi – Maharshi’s Answers To Yogananda’s Questions

A riddle

Link to Original Document Long path made short Mind your breath One breath an hour or two Bread falls you now live A brilliant cave A sip or two, Aroma around Music out of bounds Behave The guide precise Surrender to thy advise Said with love Sombargiri’s child His love inside

The mind – the Loki / the trickster

Link to Original Document Everything that you do – somehow originates in the mind. Since mind is part of maya, all actions are part of maya. This mind or maya is what keeps us bound. You like food or sex or listening to music It is not really you but the mind loves it. You …

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