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Tat wale baba

Link to Original Document He was born around 1890 and took Samadhi in 1974 His teachings in this video are perfect and repetitious It is in Hindi but some parts of it are translated in English Tat Wale Baba Himalayan Yogi – the only discourse with English Sub titles A few comments. Just my opinion …

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Traditional Yoga and the rest

Link to Original Document We first what I define as yoga and what the rest of the world calls yoga. In pure basic terms, Yoga that I talk about does not refer to the following All those exercise and postures I do not refer to the chanting, jumping , playing instruments etc I do not …

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Yogananda meets Raman Maharishi

Link to Original Document One of my friends sent this video to me On suffering Paramahamsa Yogananda Meeting with Ramana Maharshi – Maharshi’s Answers To Yogananda’s Questions