Tat wale baba

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He was born around 1890 and took Samadhi in 1974

His teachings in this video are perfect and repetitious

It is in Hindi but some parts of it are translated in English

Tat Wale Baba Himalayan Yogi – the only discourse with English Sub titles

A few comments.

Just my opinion

  1. His age – some say he was born in 1940’s. This was discovered by an Italian producer. Could this be true ? A slight doubt
  2. He left his body – he was shot. 3 years before his death, he pointed out the man Abi would shoot him. He removed his disciple 2 days before this happened
  3. A perfected yogi often dissolves the karma or seeds of hatred in his own antarkirana. Then the act of violence against him not occur. There is a story of Neem Karoli Baba where someone went to attack him but Baba looked at him and the person / attacker fell at baba feet , crying like a child from the love of Baba I do not state this to minimize anything but merely point out there are many high States
  4. the teaching that I heard from Tat wale baba is accurate. I do not know the level of his achievement
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