Traditional Yoga and the rest

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We first what I define as yoga and what the rest of the world calls yoga. In pure basic terms, Yoga that I talk about does not refer to the following

All those exercise and postures

I do not refer to the chanting, jumping , playing instruments etc

I do not refer to the pseudo meditation, where people go reciting hum and imagining an ocean etc

I do not refer to the imaginary chakras etc

What I refer to as Yoga, is unbelievable. I do not expect or want anyone to believe in what I say. It is unscientific and has no medical merit. But I believe it to be true. Why and how? Have I lost my sanity?

First, the matter of chakras. You simply wont find it. There are nerve plexuses, but that can hardly be called as looking like lotuses and all the gods and Shaktis described. You can do a CT and you can do an MRI. Trust me there are no chakras. Hopefully that should be enough to clarify what you may want to debate or challange. I am with you all the way in this regard

However, in medical science, there is one thing that there is very little understanding. It is the small matter of consciousness. Medicine is still trying to figure out consciousness. We know awake, sleep, etc but it remains a puzzle. THe mechanism, how to define it, what is life. I remember a case on 20/20 where they talked about a surgery, where they had the breathing shut down, the neurons and EEG made very slow and the heart was also supported artificially, yet the person was still alive, surgery done and the person came back.

The chakras I refer to are part of the consciousness, the knots of consciousness. So that is the part of Yoga I talk about.

So the Yoga, i refer to is looking at the method or kirya of going to your consciousness, travelling the path, the knots of consciousness and and uncovering the wonders of consciousness.

The Yoga I talk about refers to meditation / or silencing our distractions (the mind, the emotions, the thoughts ) first sighting the consciousness, then understanding it and then becoming one with it. That is Yoga.

There is no comparision to Yoga. People come out with their own hallucinatory concepts of Yoga. I have no interest in them. With that in mind, I have given up reading everything related to Yoga on the net. It is all imaginary. Children who draw a picture of a Ghost. How can there be any merit to it.

Another reminder, just because someone is famous, wears a saffron garb or talks eloquently, it is not proof of any achievement. But I do recommend everyone follow them. After many failures, people will seek a true Yogi.

Things such as the Law of attraction etc, have some merit. Even though wikipedia talks about it as pseudo science, they not quite accurate. Law of attraction is poorly understood, since it is a very minor reflection of inner purity. The results of inner purity come so slowly, that the rapidity of results as people so impatiently want , will not be there.

Mindfullness, like people refer to, in my opinion is a joke. Well, I am allowed to have my opinion right?

The definitions and methods of Yoga are very unique. I refer to the strict definitions that were described by Patanjali. Or in Yoga Vasistha. Or in Devatma Shakti. Or Mahayoga vigyan

I am a firm believer in Mukta Shastra.

Enough said.

I wrote this for my kids. Someday, someone may try to challenge their understanding. This clarity what I wrote will be sufficient to remain unwavering

The road is long but continue.

Failures are there, but persevere

It is unbelievable, but that is the cloud of maya. At some point the clouds disperse

The mind is like the uncontrolled wind. The wind can be blocked

With Love, Continue with unabated enthusiasm

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