Sincerity and life

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Here is an important statement made by Mother. (( Sri Aurobindo )

it is preferable to have one moment of sincerity rather than a long life of apparent devotion and that a psychological and spiritual victory over oneself is more important than all external victories.

And that’s it!

We really are not any genuine! We want to look wonderful, important and caring. This is for satisfying our desires and ego. However our mind and brain works non stop, just to show, something we are not What is more important is we acknowledge this fault of ours and genuinely seek the help of shakti to overcome it. This inner fault, where all our faults lie, the seeds and proliferate, is called chitta. Mind you, I said chitta not chit. That comes later. But if we don’t destroy it within us, it grows into a tree. Moreover, it is this part of us that constantly responds to maya maya and we dance to maya.

That’s why Patanjali God said , chitta vritti nirodha iti yoga

Which means stopping the chitta from having its waves is Yoga

Chitta has 5 phases

Mudha- totally dull. Unwilling and unable to focus or even have the desire to go within. Unable to comprehend ( Tamas predominates)

Kshipta – restless. Wandering all over. ( rajas)

Vikshipta – partially restless. ( satvic). The mind is still restless , but tries to go within, tries to do good and uses intellectual facility to do good

The next 2 are only with a yogi

Ekagrah- focused. Samadhi.

Nirodh – full samadhi. This only lasts a few seconds or a few minutes. But that is enough to give all day peace

Of course, there are yogi who stay there for much longer

I would suggest the genuinely interested person read Devatma shakti. Chapter 13 , page 116

Good luck.

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