Predict your new year!

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Yoga is a science based on breath and meditation. One of the things we always wonder about – how will my new year be? Will it be better. The year could be a surprise but why not get a hint?

I can only share a few details. So based on the breath – there are a few yoga generated

  1. Surya
  2. Chandra
  3. Visha
  4. Amrut
  5. Mrutyu
  6. And a combination of above

The smart yogi is ever so mindful of the above and avoid some of the challenges in life. Of course Some can’t be averted unless you mean the art of seeing past karma and burning them

So depending on the beginning of the new year – and the above combination you have an idea of how the test will shape out

Yogananda, Vivekananda etc were mindful of the same. There is much more to yoga than meets the eye

One of the biggest steps in Yoga is opening of Sushumna

The whole purpose of Yoga is opening of all layers of Sushumna. And that opening is assoicated with awakening of the Shakti

I have said this in previous blogs. The world prefers its imaginary Shati awakening, imaginary passage through chakras and imaginary enlightenment

So Sushumna nadi is the central path. One can say it is like the spinal cord, but not exactly. Inside Sushumna is chitra and vajra. And Inside that is the brahmanadi

The brahmanadi is where one can say consciousness is. Yogananda said, brahmanadi is both within and outside the body simutaneously. It is hard to imagine this, so we will leave it as such

So ascenscion requires passing through all these layers and having full experience with each of them. The information is quite scant on the internet. People can imagine it and make up stories but that is not helpful and will only make a fool of both sides (the one who follows and the one who distributes misinformation)

With opening of Sushumna, – breath through both nostrils are equal. But there is more. Much more.

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