The vision of Aurobindo ( and the reality)

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This is what Mother wrote

Of moksa we have no personal need; for the soul is nityamukta and bondage is an illusion. We play at being bound, we are not really bound.

There is nothing evil in this, nothing which we need condemn or from which we need shrink, — it is God’s play. The wise man is he who recognises this truth and knowing his freedom, yet plays out God’s play, waiting for his command to change the methods of the game.

Sri Aurobindo, Essays in Philosophy and Yoga, CWSA volume 13, page 71.

I hope this helps. What Aurobindo and Mother tried was to bring down – “heaven” to earth. Tried to make an environment on earth free of Maya Of course they did not succeed. No matter how strong the presence of God is – it is difficult for an ignorant man to receive it fully

Having said that – there have been some great saints that achieved it in their own area. The atmosphere around Jerusalem- when Christ was there – was dense and almost was like love had condensed and solidified. But yet, they chose to crucify him.

Chaitanya mahaprabhu transformed a few people fully just by being there

Neem Karoli baba did that to a few when they hated him – came to hurt him and one glance they fell at his feet crying in love for him

Mohangiri Maharaj – in his presence and in his house – peace descended fully. So much that no one could even have a single thought in his presence. Automatic Samadhi in his presence

So such things are possible. But not sustained. Eventually maya takes over. Why? Kaliyug. The hearts of people are dark. Unwilling to love God. Insisting on their selfish ways. Greed. Terrible.

The thing is – God gave a choice. Love him or love this World. Or accept him or the world. By habit people want this world. Those who accept God – in time – with perfectly attuning themselves to God become a very powerful presence of God. They are God. But they don’t want to take our free will away. Hence God remains our choice. His will is not imposed unless we have intense love for him

So those who have surrendered to their Guru or God – their attitude – in pain or seemingly bad situations – that don’t lament. Or ask why me. They silently accept. And if evil comes their way – they correct it with love. They are not weak. To overcome evil , correct others is not so easy. First get rid of evil or dark spots in our heart. Then in others.

This state I have described can be called Nirvikalpa samadhi. Or Sahaj samadhi. Their heart is fully transformed into an antenna of love – transforming those around them slowly at a God given perfect pace

Being around them is much faster way to progress rates than a million books put together. They don’t even have to speak.

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