The mind – the Loki / the trickster

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Everything that you do – somehow originates in the mind. Since mind is part of maya, all actions are part of maya.

This mind or maya is what keeps us bound. You like food or sex or listening to music

It is not really you but the mind loves it. You identify with the mind and now you say you like it. For whatever reason, once the mind decides it likes something, it is very difficult to unwind of change it. Ask an alcoholic or someone using drugs. Or ask anyone who is trying to lose weight. You suddenly find yourself craving and helpless in your efforts to give up food.

However, the tentacles of the mind is far beyond those basic requirements. It gets offended. It gets sad. It gets depressed. It sulks. When it does not get what is demands and wants. It creates tricks and deceives us even in all the logic we use. The logic we use always goes around to justify our thought, for debate, to justify we are someone and you must be respected. Your feelings are important.

When you read what I write, your mind accepts and your mind rejects. This process of accepting and rejection creates issues. In some ways, if you can accept the logic which I present, you can use it drop the mind. Understand, that the culprit is your mind. And one fine day, you laugh, split from the mind and you are left with your true self and your pure consciousness

VIsnutirthji Maharaj presented it perfectly in Devatma Shakti. First you separate the senses from the body, the subtle body from the physical body, then the mind from the subtle body, then the intellect from the mind and finally the intellect from the pure self or Atman. Then your journey is over.

In time, the inherent powers of the Atman begins to unfold. It does not occur immediately. It takes time. One has to have patience

The miracle is, when you split from the mind, you laugh. All the issues were created were from your own mind. When you can separate from the mind, you can stop it. If you remain identified with mind, you cant stop it. Thats all there is to it

In norse mythology, there is Thor and Loki. Thor wields thunder while Loki is the trickster

For our purposes, Loki the mind tricks us all the way. Thor, is the aspects remains connected to the Divine.

You can be friends with Loki – the cycle continues.

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