Yama and Niyama

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My previous blogs have talked about Yama and niyama

This is the first step to yoga and meditation. This sort of discipline is needed to have control over the mind. Gradually , in time if you can do this for 12 years it becomes part of you. The 12 years of constant discipline can be a challenge but is very helpful. Once done, you will find it easier to meditate. Here is what Mother said about this discipline. This is the easier discipline. Later when you truly to go within, there are more challenging disciplines

Mother said

Most of the difficulties that people have are due to a lack of control over their actions, and their reactions to the actions of others.

According to one’s own nature and weaknesses, one must set for oneself a discipline that is invariably to be followed; for example, never to quarrel, never to reply when someone says or does something unpleasant, never to argue when one disagrees. Obviously one should never lose one’s temper when things or people are not the way one would like them to be.

Naturally, if a person is not used to controlling himself, it takes a good deal of effort to acquire the habit. But this is quite indispensable if one wants to make any progress.

The path is long. That is why one must have patience and an unfailing sincerity towards oneself.

In order to be able to live in peace with others, self-control is essential, and it ought to be practiced even by those who do not aspire for transformation.


The Mother, More Answers from the Mother, CWM volume 17, pages 369 – 370.

The more difficult ones are

  • The habit of desiring
  • The habit of going into darkness (99.9999%) live in darkness even those who practice meditation, yoga etc
  • The habit of going in sadness, frustration, why me
  • The thoughts of giving up, I can’t do this, I can’t endure this etc
  • Fear tendencies
  • Doubts etc

When these things crop up, especially in meditation or outside, fight it. Use the Lion technique. Refuse to succumb to the weakness of the mind. When your can remain steadfast, refusing to give into the weakness, suddenly there is a victory in the mind. A sense of relief. Release. A joy of victory. When this becomes stronger, the outside circumstances change and conform to you!

Mahayoga vigyana calls – higher awakening of shakti. In the great saints Yogendra Vigyani words પ્રકૃતિ ઉસકો અનુકૂળ હો જાતી હૈ. Meaning nature conforms to him. Depending on the degree, he may merely think why is there Covid, Covid leaves his surroundings or even the world. Of course such people are rare

Idle imagination of positive thinking is a start but one must go deeper and deeper till at least some lower level of fighting Covid / personal demons etc can be reached.

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