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Stillness – it simply another word for Samadhi

This is not the stillness in a stone. A stone is quite still but it achieves nothing. It is a tamsic stillness, Or the stillness of someone who smokes significant pot, or alcohol and goes into stupor.

This still, is the stillness that deep within. It is quite alive and knows the three bodies in varying degrees. This is the stillness where the mind is very still. Of course the body is quite still too

Like we talked in the past, awakening of the shakti is at 5 levels, kriyavati, kaalvati, varna mayi and then vedhamayi. The fifth pratiprasav is an open secret

So when I see people having kriyas – one would wonder is this still the first phase? Is there another form of kirya with stillness? One should remember, not to get overly excited with kriyas but remember that a person in full Samadhi – is completely still, to the extent that both his heart and breathing is stopped. That is the stillness which is exalted

Like usual, there is much more to the stillness which is unsaid.

This is what Aurobindo said

To be capable of silence, stillness, illuminated passivity is to be fit for immortality—amṛtatvāya kalpate. It is to be dhīra, the ideal of our ancient civilisation, which does not mean to be tamasic, inert and a block. The inaction of the tamasic man is a stumbling-block to the energies around him, the inaction of the Yogin creates, preserves and destroys; his action is dynamic with the direct, stupendous driving-power of great natural forces. It is a stillness within often covered by a ripple of talk and activity without,—the ocean with its lively surface of waves. But even as men do not see the reality of God’s workings from the superficial noise of the world and its passing events, for they are hidden beneath that cover, so also shall they fail to understand the action of the Yogin, for he is different within from what he is outside. The strength of noise and activity is, doubtless, great,—did not the walls of Jericho fall by the force of noise? But infinite is the strength of the stillness and the silence, in which great forces prepare for action.

Sri Aurobindo, Essays in Philosophy and Yoga, CWSA volume 13, page 59.

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