Naad / nada

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An important step in mediation is hearing different sounds

Hearing these sounds the mind gets attracted to going within. These sounds do not come from outside but from within. As such they are called anahat. Meaning without striking. All musical instruments play sounds with a strike. In the case of the flute etc the percussion is by the breath. These internal sounds are the frequencies of something deep within and are called anahat or nada

The Bible refers to it by Gabriel’s trumpet etc.

These sounds are very pleasing – much more pleasing and soothing than any music outside.

They can be divided into vyakta and avyakta. Vyakta – similar to an instrument on the outside. Avyakta not Similar to an instrument outside. Again vyakta can be divided into 2

As such the types of musical instruments are countless. However mostly they are 10 types. Each has a different order of appearance and each comes with a different siddhi / gift. There is a specific bier by

Yogananda described them as 5. However 10 is more specific

The order given by Yogananda is

  1. Bumble bee – earth element – doubt ridden oh this is something different thoughts. Savitarka samadhi
  2. Harp / vina – water element. Oh I have gone within. What next. This is great kind of feeling. Suvichar samadhi
  3. Flute. – gives inner joy. Fire element Sanandaj samadhi
  4. Gong bell. Long drawn out bell. It destroys the subtlest ego. Asmita samadhi
  5. Thunder / roaring oceans – finally the beginning of Samadhi Asampragnat samadhi
  6. A mixture of the above. A full orchestra!

I will describe the ten next

  1. Sounds like cricket
  2. Finer sounds of cricket
  3. Bell sweating occurs
  4. Conch or shankh – the head shakes
  5. Not written – Amrut / nectar starts dripping
  6. Cymbals – you taste the nectar
  7. Flute – gives
  8. Gives power over language
  9. Not written
  10. Thunder or oceans

This is from hansupanisgad and maya yoga Vidyanagar

Aum can be – spontaneous or with meditation

It can be laghu dirgha and pluta

Dirgha destroys sins

Pluta merged into god

Hope that helps

It is necessary to go through these steps

Please do not think I have any of this. I merely reproduce from books

Good luck

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