Markanda Rishi

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I would like to thank Gaiea for singing a beautiful song

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SANSKRIT SONG from The Mārkaṇḍeya Purāṇa

They spiritual interpretation is as follows

Madalasa is the divine mother. She remains in a state of intoxication ( with love for all creation) mada here means intoxication and alasya lazy.

She is singing to her son – the soul who is deluded and roaming about aimlessly crying for happiness. The mother says go to sleep ( samadhi )

Know your divine self

There is much more to it

Markandaya Rishi – was at triveni ( junction of three rivers. This is agna chakra where the flow of left right nostril breath and center hidden breath is located. Yama raja or the king of death tries to take him away – meaning make him forget he is eternal ! But the noose falls on shivling and he defeats Yama raja This is a secret yoga technique

Hope this helps!

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