Sounds / Naada part 2

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So i looked up about Naada on the internet. Ancient hindu scriptures have information on it. There is reference to the Naada in many of the upanishads. But on wikipedia, they quickly turn from hindu scripture to buddhism and some of their books and references.

I have to say the best description is on God talks with Arjuna – by Yogananda. However, Yogananda was perfected and had experienced it well. Mahayoga vigyan was written by Yogendra Vigyani, another perfected person. His book is a compilation from many other Upanishads and trantras. Yogamrut in Gujarati is another perfect book which has given the most of all.

The reason why I wrote the previous blog was to clarify that if you truly hear the sounds, you should eventually, in short time experience some of the powers that come with it. Otherwise, you saw the smoke and not the fire. Go deeper.

I keep these things in mind, so I could continue my journey and not be side tracked into false beliefs of progress. Many people are surprised when I say, I have not started my progress. One has to remember progress should come with more objective proof.

There in lies the problem with reading stupid web pages. They have misinformation. And once the false concept takes home, you cannot go beyond it. You have wasted and lost a life to foolishness. Please dont do it

If you still cant grasp and are in doubt, go and ask a real Guru. Someone who has walked the path.

Naada is far more complicated and far more wonderful than what even the upanishads have described. Vishnutirthji has talked about it in detail – in Devatma shakti. He has referred to the quotes by Patanjali Yoga darshan and also to Vyas Bhagwans treatise of Yoga darshan

None of this will make sense to most people. But when the time is right, you will ask the correct question

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