Life without insight / intelligence

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Every step of the way we are caught in a web. We focus on the web with out any focus on our true goal

At 0-10 we are merely focused on enjoying and playing

11-25 – we begin to realize responsibility. Some sooner than later. We have a competitive spirit either in education, sports, dating etc.

26-40 we are busy in family and career. Some may lose life by getting trapped in drugs, alcohol, women / men etc.

41-60 we finally wonder about life. And try to meddle in religion etc have thoughts about retirement, worry about future, and Begin to worry about health requirements

60-80. The beginning of the fall. Ask those dreams we had often shattered. Some fulfilled. Other’s not. Health problems are a reality. We realize we are not So independent. We need help of others.

So at what point does a person wonder about reality. What is real? What is the soul? Is there a God? The Bible I don’t understand it or same with Upanishad, Gita etc. So when will you wake up? When will you realize you need a Guru? Or wonder about the right method

Such a wasted life. The primary goal to discover God lost.

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