Vaato na vada na thay

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This is in Gujarati. Vaato means talk. Vada is a fried item similar to samosa

Na thay – can’t be made

The statement means you can’t make this delicious food item by merely talking about it

This is not something extraordinary. So obvious. A mute point.

Well not so fast.

Almost everyone I have met fan in the two categories

  1. similar to the previous blog – apathy and oblivious to the goal of life
  2. they merely want you talk about religion, discuss it, read it give a sermon, imagine purity and progress or cop out and say we are humans ! Just think – how can all the talks about God help you one one bit. You have to do someoy to find God. Work hard. Go within. The surface superficial talks can’t Help you one bit

Like I said you can’t many delicious items by talking about it. You have to cook it !

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