Bhagwad Gita Chapter 7 verse 3

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Thousands of people try and hardly one will get on the right path. Amongst the thousands of people who are on the right path, hardly one will reach.

I have seen this to be true in many different paths. Why does this happen? A true Guru, shakti awakened and yet they fail to reach? Many of those trying, fail to recognize their own Guru. So sad, so unfortunate.

Vivekananda said it the best. You need three things and you will overcome maya.

  1. A human body
  2. A true Guru
  3. The real desire to escape

And all of them are extremely rare. There are 7 billion people about trillions upon trillions of insects.And if you look at life and its diversity, the human species is overshadowed by the number of different animals and the subspecies.

One of the things that happens is that the Bond between a Guru and the disciple cannot be broken. If the disciple breaks it, that is the worst thing that he can do. The consequences are quite dire.

A disciple knowingly or unknowingly breaks that sacred connection by finding another Guru. In my own lineage, I know a certain disciple who not only found another Guru but also told others to follow another Guru. Once you have a true Guru, there is no need for any God or any other person. In my lineage there were 3 disciples who found the truth in Gurudev and through that found the truth in themselves. Those disciples did not go to any other Guru.

In many ways, if you go to another Guru, you are making a bold statement that your Guru was inadequate. Oh fool, you were inadequate that you could not recognize your great Guru. I personally become sad for them and such people do not deserve respect. They are considered fallen.

The path that I follow is of Sanatana and Shankaracharya advaita. People who believe in collecting money for charity maybe doing a good job, but that is it. IN many cases, the charity money is misused and I have seen that happen many times. God is found within and in meditation. Outward activity might be of slight benefit – only if done to the right person and the person uses the money properly. We generally dont have a full idea if the money was used wisely.

Neverthess, if only you can go within, find God within, then you will see God outside also and then you can do true charity. I know my favorite Dineshuncle, did that. He helped many people,but did it through his divine powers. No one ever knew it. I often confronted him but he would laugh it off. This is the style of a Yogi. Helping many, but no one knows it. Isnt that a more wonderful form of charity? A single thought and you help hundreds or thousands, but no one knows what you did?

That is Advaita and that is being a Yogi. Until you know your divine self, you should do good, and do it wisely. It is good to do it wisely and to the just. In many cases, the Sadhus in India use drugs and alcohol. That would not be called a just use. On the other hand, there are certain charity organizations, which truly do good use of the money and the workers are employed but the workers dont use charity money for drugs and alcohol

I know this is not a well written blog. However, there was a purpose. Be true to your search in finding God. Be genuine. Be sincere. In time you will reap the beneifts. You cannot deceive God, or your inner consciousness. No matter how you try to fake it, you will not be able to go within.

People try to talk with me. I know they lack the sincerity in their search. That has to be amended first. Otherwise, shakti will not permit them to go within. It wont happen. That is what happens to many disciples. It was a self imposed block and a cause of their fall – the great fall by leaving their Guru and unable to go within.

The Gita verse is as follows

manushyanam sahasreshu kashchid yatati siddhaye

yatatam api siddhanam kashchin mam vetti tattvatah

What does it mean?

In short it means, hardly one in thousands will try to reach me and amongst them hardly one in a thousand will know my truth tattvah – ( tattvatah)

Yogananda did not translate tattvatah as truth but translated it as know me as I am….It is worth while reading his translation

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