We know this but forget

If you want to be loved, startloving
others who need your love.If you want
others to sympathize with you, start
showing sympathy to those around you.
If you want to be respected, you must
learn to be respectful to everyone, both
young and old.Whatever you want
others to be, firstbe thatyourself then
you will find ofthers responding in like
manner to you.

  • Paramhansa Yogananda
    Where There Is Lig ht

This is in order words karma. What you sow, so will you reap

Our problem is we want it right away. And that to five times more.
If you are nice to your family, and we expect family to be nice in return. That does not happen. Usually.
So what happened? These things – action and results are not immediate. The other thing is if we do it wanting love, sympathy in return – that is a selfish act an act like cheating the system. It should be done from genuine caring in our heart

How do you change your heart? Prayer and meditation
How do you change the heart of others? You can’t. It is the other persons heart. Only he or she can change it However is we genuinely love them, our life example can be a burning candle guiding them to change

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