Anahata Chakra, Ramal Vidya, The book – the secret

There is some truth to the book “the secret”  However, it is extremely rare for anyone to go to the depth that is needed to practice it.   In order to even BEGIN to get to the secret, one has to be able to take his prana to the Anahata Chakra and MAINTAIN it there.  Just as a quick reminder, when one is at the anahata chakra, one already has control over the mind, the emotions and the intellect and there is no ego.  At that level, when one is able to keep the prana there for a long enough time, he or she begins to experience himself as without body.  This is the state in which Janaka Raja stayed in his life.  That is why he was called Videhi (without body).  Gurudev was once asked where his prana was and he replied at the anahata chakra.  Gurudev has given an incredible description of this chakra in Muktashastra.  If God permits me to translate it, I will represent it here.  The one thing that happens is the breathing is slowed down to 7 fingers (more on it later)

All chakras have a positive and negative side.  Please refer to my other blogs.  The negative side means, the chakras are facing downwards and we remain attached to the world.  No matter how hard one tries, and knows and wants to be with the Divine, one is unable to do so, unless with the help of Shakti and your Guru you can turn the chakra upwards. 

So, if the negative aspect of the anahata chakra is represented by ego.  Thoughts such as, I am so fortunate, I am so  unfortunate, woe to me, I can do anything, the misconception of determination and Sankalpa, this is how my fate is, righteous indignation (which Vivekananda said get rid of righteous indignation), etc arise from here.

When one is slowly able to overcome these negativity, then the following things appear.  There is more stability in meditation.  We begin to experience ourselves without body.  The experience, as per the holy science (by Yukteshwar Maharaj)is that of the magnetic plane (the swah of Gayatri).  One slowly begins to have a more stable intuition.  Other people have called this mahashunya.  Reading other peoples mind becomes slowly easier.  We can slowly go into Samadhi and in time the whole world begins to change the way it operates.  It appears as if the world is operating based on our thoughts.  We realize our thoughts are a tremendous antenna.  Negative thoughts bring in bad luck and positive thoughts, good results.  This is the place where one understands the sentence by Raman Maharshi.  He said, there are only 2 choices either to look in or look outside.  The look in, means turned towards God.  If the chakra is fully upturned, Bhakti or love for God appears, and if turned downwards, we only think in wordly matters.  Even spirituality is an imagination at that point, because it is based on what our concept is.  Thus, when anahata chakra is upturned, we finaly destroy our concepts about spirituality, the world etc and begin to see things in the real perspective.  From a physical standpoint, there is more complete withdrawing of the prana from the upper limbs at this point. 

This brings me to Ramal Vidya.  This is a secret ancient hindu science. King Pandu (father of Arjuna) had knowledge of this.  Like many other people.  This is the science which gives them an understanding of languages spoken by animals, omens and interpretation of omens arises.  When Maya has willed something, at the same instance, there is a corresponding vibration in our anahata chakra and also in our surrounding.  Often times, since we are not fully cognizant of our own anahata chakra, we can get a glimpse of what is to happen based on the similar corresponding vibration, which we call as omen that occurs in the animals or birds around us.  This is the basis of Ramal Vidya.  More on it when I translate Mukta shastra.

Lastly, I had a tremendous experience last night.  Gurudev appeared and told me about Meenaben and she is about to have some problems.  He said he snatched some of her karma so she would not suffer so much.  Today, at 5 pm, I got a call from Hasmukhbhai.  My first question to him was how is Meenaben. I ordinarily never ask him about his wife.  I learnt that she had ruptured a blood vessel in her left eye and it had turned red.  This is a tremendous proof of how Gurudev operates even now.  Normally, he (Hasmukhbhai) would sit and meditate at night time at midnight.  He had stopped doing it for 2 weeks.  Gurudev came and shook him up and woke up and said, get up and go and meditate!  He started meditating at midnight again!

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