A different take on theory of karma

Let’s say you do something. You want to lose weight or pass an exam. You don’t do well. And you make another effort and again you don’t do well.
What do we do ? We get sad. Upset. Give up on it emotionally

But this is what Yogananda said

“Failure season is the best time to spread the seeds of success”.
Paramahansa Yogananda

This is how I interpret it
With every failure you must start off by stronger determination that you will do it. You sit down in mediation. Get rid of all the parts of your thinking that days I can’t do it. Or it can’t be done. Rid yourself if it completely
That would bd step 1
Then in step 2 make your effort again. And somehow, on the Way suddenly you will meet a friend or get a suggestion and they will say let’s go exercise together or tell you to read in a different Way
Now you will have different vigor and have success

So here positive karma started with deep mediation

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