February 2020 archive

Is it absurd?

” Live for God and God only. This is the only way to have freedom and security in this world. Outside of God, there is no security; no matter where you go, deceit can attack you. Be free now. Be a child of God now. Meditate deep and faithfully, and one day you will wake …

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Grace versus effort

Both are needed. Effort till you realize it is the divine itself that is shanti. Till you realize grace and shanti themselves are divine. This is the error with doing mantra – people make it mechanical. Like the humming of a song or railroad track sound. It happens automatically – even against your will. And …

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Yoga Vasistha – one of the highest book ever

THERE IS NO OTHER WAY THERE IS NO OTHER WAY this is the only way wisdom or experience that you are the pure consciousness arises All four are needed 1. A Guru to help you go within. 2. Get rid of the habit of identifying as thoughts 3. Constantly pursuing and making the habit of …

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