January 2020 archive

Every letter is important

What great people say, every letter is important! Reality shines forth – this is not an allegory What has happened is that – Many of the traditional shlokas – they have been repeated Orally What happens is that – some not very bright scholars often mis hear or mis speak and eventually minor errors occur. …

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Where is the most important stuff in my blog?

In my blogs , somewhere I have written things about certain Physical manifestations that your shakti is awakened and your connection with God was not imaginary but a certitude It has more details about different naadi the connecting link between the physical universe and pure consciousness Imaginary progress or self congratulations will not take you …

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Guru God liberation

So a Guru will show the way ! Actually not know that – he does a lot more. He takes the burden of your sins and endures it He guides you during rough tires He warns you out rough times The road is within. Each chakra is very complex. And people get trapped in them. …

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