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There were certain devotees who could attain extreme concentration called Dhyan Samadhi and this stage is mostly given to you by your Guru who knows how to pull you out of such extreme concentration and brings you back to the plane of ordinary conscious existence. There was one Dr. Sinha who was a teacher in Allahabad University. He was a Hath Yogi* and possibly proud of his sadhana. Stout and tough, he would come to see Baba and comment on Baba’s spiritual status. One day the hall was full of people and I was sitting near Dr. Sinha and his friend. I distinctly heard him commenting on Baba to his friend that Baba was a Hath Yogi* and all his siddhis were due to Hath Yoga*. He would only consider him perfect if he could grant him (Dr. Sinha) a Dhyan Samadhi*. I felt little offended and kind of regretted his statement. No sooner did Dr. Sinha utter those words than his eyes started closing slowly and he became still in Sahaj Asan which is an easy posture sitting with folded legs. Indians while taking meals sitting on the floor usually sit in this posture.

While this was happening a Doctor of Medicine, Dr Capt Jagat Narayan came in for Darshan* for the first time. He was a very successful medical practitioner. Probably one of the devotees of Baba who also happened to be his patient, had inspired him for darshan*. As soon as he sat down after prostration, Baba noticed still posture of Dr. Sinha. He asked Dr. Jagat Narayan to comment on Dr. Sinha’s health status. Dr. Narayan quickly felt his pulse and probably felt his neck vein with his finger tip and commented Dr. Sinha had fainted or may be an epileptic attack was the cause. Baba innocently asked what should be done. The Dr. suggested that sniffing ammonia would do the trick. He had his emergency bag hence Ammonia vial was broken and put under Dr. Sinha’s nose. By now he had taken out his stethoscope and B.P instrument. Dr. Sinha was made to lie down and the end diagnosis by Dr. Jagat Narayan was G.O.K (God only knows). He volunteered to send medicine from his clinic. Dr. Narayan drove in disbelief, shaking his head in wonder as to why ammonia did not help. I got the medicine and rushed back. Baba then touched Dr. Sinha on the forehead and he groggily woke up and babbled out a comment that he had fainted. In his ego, he could not admit it was Baba’s grace cast on him and he was granted a “Dhyan Samadhi”.

To describe the short future of Dr. Sinha, he developed his psychic powers through Hath Yoga* and started telling people about the coming events in their life. Eventually his progress stopped and he died due to excessive yogic exercises. Probably he was not ripe enough to absorb the destructive side of mis-directed Hath Yoga*.

During winters the devotees from outside arrived in large numbers around 10th January as series of auspicious bathing day started from 14th January onwards. Some devotees were after spiritual achievements although their bodies and nature were not ripe enough at that stage. They would come to Baba, sit down in front of him, close their eyes and attain that Dhyan Samadhi* status till Baba brought them back to consciousness. One day four devotees went into that state one by one almost simultaneously. Baba started yelling that these people were dead and they should be taken for mass cremation. Their unconscious bodies were shifted to a side room and they were placed side by side full length face up. There was an air of anxiety all around except for the people who had seen this game before. We were kind of non-chalantly enjoying the game. This play of Baba lasted for almost 5-6 hours. I would once in a while quietly sneak into the room to check on the persons.

Dada* Mukherjee went to Baba and requested him to revive the unconscious devotees since they had not taken any nutrition. Baba got up, went to the other room and closed the door. The curiosity got better of me and climbed the window opening to the outside verandah. The window pane gave me a clear vision and I saw Baba inserting his thumb and forefinger into their mouth, forcing it in and make the normal breathing process free. In Yogi* language, they call it breaking ‘Khechri Mudra’. I would confess I am really not competent to face questions on this subject but a senior yogi* told me about this mudra*. One by one, each person was woken up and they all came out groggily and stayed in that state for a long time, staggering while walking.
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Excerpts from “I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE; THE GRAND UNIFICATION” Chapter ” MY LIFE WITH BABA (JULY- 1958-JULY 1961)” written by Shri Rabboo Joshi.

Jai Babaji ki.

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