8 Jan 2020 archive


People use the word samadhi loosely. It is rare. I mean exceptionally rare. Those who have experienced it know the different types of samadhi I will merely list it Sampragnat samadhi Savitarka sampragnat samadhi Suvichar sampragnat samadhi Sananda sampragnat samadhi Asmit sampragnat samadhi Asampragnat samadhi Savikalpa samadhi Nirvikalpa samadhi These are states above dharana and …

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Greatness of Babaji

Babaji and the Train Babaji was once wandering somewhere in Eastern U.P. At one place he passed by a railway station. The train happened to be at halt. He had a fancy to travel some distance by train. He got into a nearby coach and sat in an upper class compartment. After a while the …

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Have a goal

Most people will live life aimlessly. Sure you think when your young you want a degree, good job, lots of money, travel and pleasures By the time to turn 50 you realize it’s a tall task. By now often times we are worried by health, retirement and our goal changes like wise. And may be …

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