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He was one of the greatest saint in India. He wrote many poems with the highest realizations સજીવા અે નજીવા ને ઘડીયો અને સજીવો નજીવાને કહે મનૈ કઇક દે. અખો પુછે તારી અેક ગઇકે બે? meaning : A living person created something non living and then he goes to the non living entity and asks …

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Stitha Pragna

Balanced intellect. It is not easy. Who can have a great vacation and look at it the same way as losing money And enjoy both equally? Well once you have true wisdom this is the result or proof that you had wisdom Yogananda says PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA AND LORD KRISHNA Excitement upsets the nervous balance, sending …

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Meet God / pure consciousness/ samadhi / nirvana / Gyana

Reading the Bible or Gita will not Give you a direct perception of god. Neither reading Upanishad or Vedas Singing hymns and praying God gives you nothing. Try as you might but the venues to have God perception – fast is limited to awakening of Shakti and kriya yoga That is the fastest way. Super …

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