27 Jan 2020 archive

Are you a Guru?

Neem karoli Baba said – “The guru must know everything about you.”Maharajji And here in this day and age , people claim to be a guru but know nothing about themselves. How can they help the suffering of others when they don’t know the past errors? My challenge to you – Be sufficiently and truly …

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Failure of Osho or success?

This may offend some Osho – talked about getting rid of desires by repeatedly indulging in your desires. If you like sex keep having it till you desire it no more Or same with food This is what Ramana Maharshi said So you have your choice- pick a side and stick to it Some people …

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My wish and my grief. Curse

So I can’t say I have a wish. But more like a prayer Let God help you realize your divinity Caught in this web oh what a struggle ! I wish that struggle ( maya or Satan ) on no one The grief that I have Is watching everyone struggle Caught in the web – …

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