12 Jan 2020 archive

So easily misunderstood

THROUGH THE EYES OF LOVE- Part I Before I went to India, I meditated, did Yoga and became a vegetarian. I had a lot invested in being a “spiritual” person. When I got to Maharajji, however all of these things that I’d been doing to “help myself” began to fall away naturally. That’s how it …

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Sign of a Guru

MY LIFE WITH BABA (JULY 1958- JULY 1961)- Part III In continuation……….. There were certain devotees who could attain extreme concentration called Dhyan Samadhi and this stage is mostly given to you by your Guru who knows how to pull you out of such extreme concentration and brings you back to the plane of ordinary …

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Guru advise

JANUARY 12 – SRF DIARY – OBEDIENCE The true disciple obeys his guru implicitly in everything because the guru is a man of wisdom and purity. Paramahansa Yogananda, “ Self-Realization Magazine” A word of caution You must folllw a true guru with implicitly You cannot follow a fanatic or anyone who is not a guru …

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