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Our enemy

You are your own enemy and you don’t know it. You don’t learn to sit quietly. You don’t learn to give time to God. And you are impatient and expect to attain heaven all at once. You cannot get it by reading books or by listening to sermons or by doing charitable works. You can …

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How do you know a great saint?

Seems amazing and true. And is true Yet, yet Jesus was full of love and peace. Yet he had acts of cruelty against him The pace did not reach the spiritually dead king Same with Krishna – the evil could not open their eyes But in the life of Ramkrishna – almost all felt peace …

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A miracle from Yogananda

Enlightening. The power of aum

Harsh but true

Only the liberated can fully grasp this The joy of remaining liberated – chidananda – is unmatched. Compared to that all happiness in this world is painful. We may believe staying in samadhi – deep mediation – without food etc for years together is painful / tapa. Contrary to what we believe those are great …

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For all the science lovers Top stories in 2019


There was a bottle neck. Significant upheaval in earths geological system From Discover magazine /astronomy Around 70,000 years ago, a supervolcano named Toba erupted, blowing roughly 670 cubic miles (2,800 cubic kilometers) of vaporized rock and debris into the air. This is thought to have caused a massive struggle for humanity, ultimately leading to a …

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Full concentration

I am usually reluctant to share deep secrets What is full concentration? Is it just thinking? No. The moment you try to stop thoughts they wander off. Why our emotions and desires force the mind away So emotions and desires and thinking – they all create problems. And let’s say there are rare moments in …

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Mental blocks

REMOVING THE BLOCKS TO DEEPER LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS The mind as an instrument for tapping the power of God is limitless; I want to emphasize this to you all, as Paramahansaji did to those of us around him….Years ago he told us (and psychologists nowadays would certainly agree) that chronic worry, fear, nervous tension, and …

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Is there life anywhere?

Here is an exciting video about mars But when the asteroid hit earth, it destroyed the dinosaurs. 75% of species gone Some of the earth material with bacteria floated into space and many landed on titan one of the moons – which has water Could we have seeded live elsewhere? Or could nature or …

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To reach your goal

So our goal should be God. A Long path. On rare occasions, a minority number of people may have access to a true Guru. Only a handful of them will be blessed with an awakening Ref Gita Chapter 7. Verse 3 Without an awakening one cannot leave. But what is worse is that even those …

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Imaginary fear

We live in stress. We live in fear. We live in illusion. An illusion of happiness This is with Vasistha Maharaj said Why go through the pain Why boy wake up that God is everywhere. Supporting everyone. Nourishing everyone. Loving everyone. Just be pure. Then you can see it for yourself. Not just imagine it

Beautiful story of Maharshi – his grace

From ~~~ Ramana Periya Puranam, Echammal. V. Ganesan ; Echammal lived with her children and husband not far away from Tiruvannamalai. One night, she had a dream in which a young ascetic with a loin cloth and clean shaven head said something which she could not understand. Within a few days after the dream, she …

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Why do we suffer?

Well , we may never find the answer to this question Historians and philosophers have tried to explain why people suffer. Often times we could say the reason is obvious A smoker dies of lung cancer. Obvious maybe But an infant having autism or born blind ? What About young people dying young or having …

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What is the difference between happiness and joy?

Well it is kind of individual isn’t it? I like to reserve Joy as something divine So here goes my viewpoint Joy – divine How do you know it is divine? What is the sign? It is something that you will not tire of. You can remain immersed in samadhi for tens of thousands of …

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It takes time

When tilling ground for the cultivation of crops, one needs patience to destroy all useless weeds; and to wait, even though the ground then appears barren, until the hidden good seeds sprout into plants. It requires still more patience to clear the field of consciousness that is overgrown with weeds of useless attachments to sense …

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Religions are wrong!

Let’s say your going to climb Mount Everest. And you have a book which tells you how to get there. The directions are very incomplete. But not to worry! You have a teacher who can tell you exactly what the language in the book means and how you can climb Mount Everest ! Fantastic. Your …

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What did Neem karoli Baba say about Jesus?

A boy came one time and asked, “Maharajji, did Jesus really get angry?” As soon as Maharajji heard the word “Jesus,” tears came to his eyes. He was sitting up when the question was asked, and he leaned over on his elbow and tapped his heart three times with tears coming down from his eyes. …

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It’s a mammoth task

Reading and listening does not Give experience One must make the mammoth task of silencing the mind. Like it says in the Bible – Be still and know that I am This silliness is absolute stillness of the mind. Of all emotions. All logic. Then in an instant – God or pure consciousness dawns. Few …

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Life of Jesus Christ

His name was Jesus and Christ was more of a title. A description of someone anointed or someone who has achieved a certain spiritual level. In those days, last names did not exist. It is doubtful that such titles were given to many He was born in Bethlehem. (Bethelehem meaning house of bread or place …

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What is the right action?

Until we know ourself all actions have some fault. Why? There is some personal gain or benefit that we seek One anchored in oneself the action is always perfect. Untainted. Without fault. Why? It is divinely directed

Whose fault?

In the words of mother ( aurobindo ) Don’t ever take lightly all the circumstances of each day, all the tiny little things of life, all the small events, you know; never take all this lightly. Never react with your lower being. Each time you are told to do something or not to do it …

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How can you help others?

Just correct yourself. Then you help others just by being. Silence.

How to destroy illusion

Illusion or bondage is easy to break! Here is the trick Destroy your desires

For those interested in Ramana Maharshi

The Mountain Path is a quarterly Journal founded in 1964 by Arthur Osborne and published by Sri Ramanasramam. To access the past issues in pdf format, from 1964 to 2016, click below : Mountain Path Ramana maharshi 1879-1950 Between 1850 to 1950 there was an abundance of very great perfected liberated mahatmas The average reader …

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Ramana maharshi health

Ramana maharshi has major health issues since he was in his 20’s. Yet he remained unmoved throughout his life. He practiced what he preached. Completely During his last weeks he suffered From cancer? Pain. At that time Neem karoli Baba helped him – relieved his pain in the last few minutes Escaping is not that …

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So when does Love for everyone appear?

So everyone reads about – loving everyone. Helping others. I just published a list of wonderful things about Ram Dass. However when does that kind of love appear? Let us keep reading it That is no doubt one of the highest aspiration of life. one must constantly strive to achieve that But the yogi Know …

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So many truths in this

A few thoughts on the matter Thoughts cease – elimination of the mind Reason to disappear – elimination of intellect or brain I to rise up and be felt – here there is a secret mantra and technique It’s there. But the great sages often speak in seeming riddles Why? They are not riddles. Our …

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Ram Dass passes away

His top 10 quotes from mind body Be here, now.”
 “It is important to expect nothing, to take every experience, including the negative ones, as merely steps on the path, and to proceed.”
 “The next message you need is always right where you are.”
 “If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your …

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Revealing words

If we use the mind properly, we can understand how God is beyond mind and intellect; and how His true nature can be felt only through the power of intuition. We must find His consciousness through the superconscious mind – the nucleus of mind and intelligence. His infinite nature is revealed to man through the …

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Know Atman

Shankaracharya Maharaj wrote Vivek chudamani Vivek – discrimination Chudamani – crown jewel What is discrimination or Vivek ? What is Atman or self. What is the non self ? Illusion of reality. To know the difference is the crown jewel. Or the crown jewel of discrimination is knowing self from non self You know discrimination …

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Where is the heart?

People talk about the heart Besides the physical heart noted to Dr in the left side is there any other heart? Is it metaphorical? Here Ramana Maharshi talks about a different heart. A real heart in which the physical body resides?

The great Yogis

There are great Yogis who can create multiple universes – fully functional in the sense we know. And destroy them too Such Yogi have been described in Hindu scriptures But we can’t believe it Why? We were born in a cage !

The translation killed it!

Those who have experience know what I am talking about But this experience is at the highest level

The ancient Gurukul

In ancient days – it was sat yuga then. At that time the number of people who wanted liberation was a lot more. At that time for the true aspirant they had a system called Gurukool. Children at the age of 5 were sent over to be raised by a teacher. What did he teach …

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Is rebirth certain?

Depends. Which category are you in

Potter or idol – who is greater?

The mind constantly looks for a source of happiness of pleasure. In its ignorance it can only seek happiness in food, fame, outings, shopping, etc. Little does it know there is joy within! It’s like a piece of clay that only thinks happiness is becoming an idol, or famous figurine nicely decorated but forgets that …

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Not only for SRF but also any earnest student

This is why I don’t advertise I have told a few people about this blog. But no one wants to read Rarely is anyone serious about finding God Many would debate Yogananda. Same with Vivekananda. Do you tend of thousands of purple heard Vivekananda. However he only had 2-3 disciples. Everyone else was not given …

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Not only for SRF but also any earnest student

Why reading and logic fails

Do not think that you can comprehend the infinite Lord by reason. Reason can grasp only the cause-effect principle that pertains to the phenomenal worlds. Reason is powerless to understand transcendental truth and the nature of the Causeless Absolute. Man’s highest faculty is not reason but intuition: apprehension of knowledge derived immediately and spontaneously from …

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Tamas is one is one of the reason why a person fails to grasp the subtleties of spirituality It’s overwhelming influence makes one love sleep. Be lazy. Humans are skillful and they hide their laziness in a variety of ways including procrastination, excuses etc This gives unreasonable anger but it guises itself with defiant indignation. …

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Have you experienced this?

The self The atman Where is it. Everywhere. Every part and cell of your body

How does a gyani behave?

Definition of meditation

And there are states much higher than this !

Corollary you previous blog

Disciple has to be worthy. Totally dedicated to finding truth Few get initiation. Many visited. A Guru why has thousands of disciples offers nothing. Followers can be many Ramana maharshi looked in the eye to give initiation How can you get initiation in a crowd Unless there is eye contract our sole other contract The …

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A disciples view of Ramana maharshi

Many visited Ramana. Few received initiation Here is an account of initiation **** Arthur Osborne *** Arthur Osborne came to Ramana Maharshi only in 1945. He stayed with the master for only five years. But years do not matter. Though Bhagavan‟s spiritual message was meant for the whole world, Arthur Osborne was the English voice, …

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Tailor made

Teaching from the perfected soul is tailor made Some teaching is for everyone Some is for advanced yogi Some who are just beginning Some for those who are only interested in this world Sometimes you will read Ramana say there is no mind Sometimes you will say don’t think Sometimes he will say ego is …

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What does faith include? Be calm. Trust. This is what Yogananda said

The star

DECEMBER – 18 SRF DIARY – CHRISTMAS Lift your eyes and concentrate within. Behold the astral star of divine wisdom and let the wise thoughts in you follow that telescope star to behold the Christ everywhere. In the land of everlasting Christmas, of festive, omnipresent Christ Consciousness, you will find Jesus, Krishna, the saints of …

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So much misunderstanding

How long does it take?

Depends on the purity. A pure person has good intuition. For such a person, his actions are guided by intuition. not the fault ridden logic or intellect Such a great souls only needs a word. Short sentence. Look within. Or your the divine light. That’s it. He immediately experiences it Nothing more is needed There …

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Pasaay Daan

These are the last words Gyaneshwar Maharaj sang before leaving the body at 22 pasaayadana May the Self of the universe be pleased with this sacrifice of words and bestow His grace on me. May the sinners no longer commit evil deeds, may their desire to do good increase, and may all beings live in …

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A common misconception in the inquiry method

Q: I practise hatha yoga and I also meditate `I am Brahman’. After a few moments of this meditation, a blank prevails, the brain gets heated and a fear of death arises. What should I do? A: I am Brahman’ is only a thought. Who says it ? Brahman itself does not say so. What …

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How old was Neem karoli Baba?

No ones knows Here are a few excerpts ❤ Embodied Spirit ❤ In 1962 an old woman came for darshan of Maharajji. When she saw him she exclaimed, “How can Neem Karoli Baba be alive? He must have died a long time ago! My father was a devotee of Neem Karoli Baba, and my father …

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Ramana maharshi and sohum

Maha Vir Prasad, Chief Engineer to the U. P. Government who had been staying here for about twenty days in October and November and who went on a pilgrimage to Rameswaram and other places, is back here. In continuation of an old question of his with reference to a certain passage in Maha Yoga, he …

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Did Ramana maharshi teach kriya yoga?

Yes ! This verse from Ramana should eliminate all confusion, all doubts. I have explained this in great detail elsewhere He basically describes the Sohum or Hangso method that Yogananda describes If you can do it successfully realization is in a short time and in first day there is the highest manifestation. However , this …

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Seeds Samskar

Seeds of desire – samskar Created and reinforced from thousands of births Both human and animal Many of them are physical. – food and sex Many relate to sour and sweet relations. Destroy the seeds / samskar. Otherwise the will sprout again. Quickly. Into a very strong think tree Reach the seeds. They are very …

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The senses

We are trapped into this world by 5 simple things. The pleasure principle. We try to satisfy the mind through the 5 senses. Taste touch ( sex) smell, heating and sight If only you could find the joy in the absence of those senses ( in awake and dream ) then all is done ! …

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True joy

That is only within. What is on the outside ? It is nothing more than someone using LSD and imagining a great meal or trip or sex. It has no reality Same is true with the pleasure outside of mediation But no one wanted to wake up from the LSD like hallucination

Mind and pain

This applies to everything You have a thought. I am hungry. I want a car. I want sex. Your mind gets fixated on it And you can’t get beyond it! Now is that not misery ? What is to be done? Meditate! Let it be. Maharshi says the creator will take care of everything. Don’t …

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In response to why not enjoy

“The universe is ours to enjoy. But want nothing. To want is weakness. Want makes us beggars, and we are sons of the king, not beggars.” Excerpt From The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda Swami Vivekananda Not only does want make us beggars, but when we want and don’t get it, we get depressed, …

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What is samsar

Thinking is the ultimate failure. The train of thoughts and emotions. Nonstop. And we think we are smart with the logic In stead of thinking remaining silent brings about inspired visions which hello the universe. Not human logic My blogs are never thought of. So forgive me for not thinking through. I just publish

Show me the fastest road

Maharshi – refers to the hath yoga. There are stubborn people and do variety of postures and pranayama Often times these things are harmful Raj yoga is different method Gyana yoga – is inquiry **BUT NOT THE INQUIRY WHICH PEOPLE THINK. IT IS NOT ANALYSIS. IT IS MEDIATION. WHERE ONE SILENTLY CALMLY OBSERVED THE ORIGIN …

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Someone had question about it Shastras/ scriptures prohibit a disciple from sharing any part of his initiation. If they do so, they develop ego and from there on progress is halted and the awakened shakti leaves them. I have seen this happen many many times There are many shastras that describe initiation. Devatma shakti has …

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Different sects

Shankaracharya established 4 Ashrams in 4 corners of India and a total of 10 different Sanyasi sects. From the North Joshi Matha he started Giri, Paravata and Sagar. Paramhansa Yogananda and my Gurudeva belong to the Giri pantha. The Upanishada is Mandokaupanishada. Tirtha sect started from Dwarka and their upanishada is Chandogya upanishada. Vishnutirthji is …

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This is insulting but….

Vasistha Maharaj was teaching Ram Bhagwan What is the most stupid thing that people do? They remain identified as their body. This single error is responsible for much suffering

Help! The world is painful

And this is what Vivekananda said So majestic. He soared in the skies of freedom. This is how he saw the world “Good and evil are our slaves, not we theirs. It is the nature of the brute to remain where he is (not to progress); it is the nature of man to seek good …

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I enjoy life and my body. Please don’t bother me !

That is the attitude of 99.9999% on this earth. Maybe true on most other places where there is life What does Vasistha Maharaj say any that? He says that such a life is worthless. So what is to be done? Learn the truth from Someone who has experienced it. But the ego of most people …

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A poem

An ocean, a wave, a mirror The mirror became “alive” Charged with power Created the greatest illusion ever! I met my Guru, a sage beyond wisdom No up, no down No in or out, I lost my count Where was time? Where was space? Before the singularity Called the Big Bang! Time and space Quantum …

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Sign of an enlightened being

Quotations there have been, in superabundance. But what original commentary can you supply, from the uniqueness of your particular life? What holy text have you absorbed and made your own? In what ways have these timeless truths renovated your nature? Are you content to be a hollow victrola, mechanically repeating the words of other men? …

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Problem with destroying mind

Sanskar Latent impression from the past. From this life. Past lives. Very hard to overcome Requires very strong determination. But can be done.

Adverse times TITIKSHA

“Neither seek nor avoid, take what comes. It is liberty to be affected by nothing; do not merely endure, be unattached. Remember the story of the bull. A mosquito sat long on the horn of a certain bull. Then his conscience troubled him, and he said, “Mr. Bull, I have been sitting here a long …

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Misery and happiness

“After every happiness comes misery; they may be far apart or near. The more advanced the soul, the more quickly does one follow the other. What we want is neither happiness nor misery. Both make us forget our true nature; both are chains, one iron, one gold; behind both is the Atman, who knows neither …

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This is what Ramana Maharshi says From ~~~ Who Am I ?. 8 : What is the nature of the mind? Baghavan.; What is called ‘mind’ is a wondrous power residing in the Self. It causes all thoughts to arise. Apart from thoughts, there is no such thing as mind. Therefore, thought is the nature …

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Ramana dialogue heart

THE HEART IN BHAGAVAN’S TEACHINGS The Heart or Hridayam appears in Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi’s teachings extensively. D: Sri Bhagavan speaks of the heart as the seat of Consciousness and as identical with the Self. What does the heart exactly signify? M: The question about the heart arises because you are interested in seeking the source …

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Ramana dialogue

THE HEART IN BHAGAVAN’S TEACHINGS The Heart or Hridayam appears in Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi’s teachings extensively. D: Sri Bhagavan speaks of the heart as the seat of Consciousness and as identical with the Self. What does the heart exactly signify? M: The question about the heart arises because you are interested in seeking the source …

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What is the true religion – according to Paramhansa Yogananda

DECEMBER 8 – SRF DIARY – SILENCE The true practice of religion is to sit still in meditation and talk to God, but you don’t get to that point of intensity, you do not concentrate enough, and that is why you remain in delusion. — Paramahansa Yogananda, “Man’s Eternal Quest” Talk to God – is …

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The power of Sanskrit. Lalita

I can’t reveal all of it In Germany there was a trial what they found people who listened to Sanskrit had better memory But this is one of the Best hymns – on Lalita. She is the highest. Multiple universes are here children. Even Ram krishna are her children. She is simultaneously both shakti personal …

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Easy way to destroy bad karma

Padam’s power One day when I [Narayana Iyer] was sitting by the side of Bhagavan I felt so miserable that I put the following question to him: “Is the ‘sankalpa’ (will or intention) of the jnani not capable of warding off the destinies of the devotees?” Bhagavan smiled and said:” Does the jnani have a …

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Only partly true

IT is the final steps he describes. It is important to know who he was talking with. If he was talking with a beginner he would be saying things differently For the beginner, understanding and scripture are needed. After that the goal becomes clear Once the goal is clear, then the how to reach there …

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How to live

A nice pearl from Yogananda Be alone within. Don’t lead the aimless life that so many persons follow. Meditate and read good books more…Once in a while it is al right to go to the movies and have a little social life, but mostly remain apart and live within yourself…Enjoy solitude; but when you want …

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About temptation and desire

Once God or inner self is found, the challenges will still remain but becomes easier to go back within. Even great saints were tempted till the last minute. Their challenges are harder. Why? Ordinary people often toil to get their desires fulfilled Higher saints have only to think about it and their desire is fulfilled …

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All questions about saints and God answered

This is very long. It is from God talks with Arjuna – a commentary on Gita by Yogananda But so beautiful. So perfect My take in the shloka is different and to me reveals the technique of finding God but that is a different topic God Talks With Arjuna — Bhagwad Gita, by Paramhans Yogananda …

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A common question especially in Indians

Q: Is there no benefit at all in doing japa with the mouth? Sri Ramana Maharshi : Who said there is no benefit? Such japa will be the means for chitta suddhi [purifying the mind]. As the japa is done repeatedly the effort ripens and sooner or later leads to the right path. Good or …

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Why everyone fails

You can’t stop your mine using your mind! I give a slightly different example You can’t stop the merry go round by sitting in the merry go round ! The mind is the merry go round. Constantly active. Thinking. Getting upset. Getting happy. Analyzing. Reading. Understanding. Drawing conclusions. None of those things will take you …

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Subtle but true

This refers to loss of prana Don’t joke all the time with each other. Be happy and cheerful inside. Why dissipate in useless talk the perceptions you have gained? Words are like bullets: when you spend their force in idle conversation, your supply of inner ammunition is wasted. Your consciousness is like a milk pail: …

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Don’t be proud / sad

The ultimate victor is time. It devours everything. Multiple saints and Gods have walked and are lost in the tide of time But more subtle is your achievements and losses When times are good you gain much. You become proud. And when times are bad everything goes awry. This is the course of time. No …

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योग वाशिष्ठ दर्शन। अध्याय 23 ज्ञानोदयका उत्तम प्रकार। पोस्ट 4 अंदर बाहर व्यापक है। जैसे दर्पण सभी चीजों के प्रतिबिंब का स्थान है,उसी तरह, मैं सभी प्राणियो के देह इंन्द्रिया आदि अनुभवों का स्थान हूं। चैतन्य रूप अंतरात्मा जिन वस्तुओं का संकल्प करता है वह चीजे तुरंत उत्पन्न होती है। आत्मा में स्थित यह कारण …

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Does diet matter?

YES Although Maharshi did not give an explanation, those who believe he was enlightened can take his word as gospel You can use all the logic you have, but until you know the origin of matter you cannot comprehend Maharshi said that very clearly when someone said plants have life. He said stones have life …

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The final secret

This is the ultimate secret But English being a weak language , there is a more secret meaning hidden This sentence is both the goal and method

Be intelligent

Most people will quickly imagine they are a witness. They are the people who have time to write big books, impress people and feel self important Those with a little bit of IQ – devotee their energy to getting something more profound and realize that this witness watches without the slightest concept of I Now …

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One if the greatest person to walk on earth He says The Universe is in you We struggle to even understand the length of a football field. Can you imagine what the self consciousness is with has the entire universe within it? Now some very intellectual people will escape this logic by thinking its an …

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A sign of progress or just the beginning

There is a stage where the pure I emerges. This pure I emerges when all thoughts, emotions and the ego of body is forgetten At that time the pure I ( And a few other things ) emerges. And that is the first step !

Classic Veda

The world. We see multiplicity. Although all is GOd That is the illusion. A rope looking like a snake

The key word

The saints have found that happiness lies in a constant mental state of unruffled peace during all the experiences of earthly dualities. A changeable mind perceives a changeable creation, and is easily disturbed; the unchangeable soul and the unruffled mind, on the other hand, behold, behind the masks of change, the Eternal Spirit. The man …

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Keep a diary of your spiritual life. I used to make a record of how long I had meditated daily and how deep I had gone. Seek solitude as much as possible. Do not spend your leisure time with other people for merely social purposes. God’s love is hard to find in company. Sri Sri …

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Two does not exist It is all one universal consciousness appearing as many – that fault of ours is ignorance You can say all is god. You can even believe it. But experience it ! Then you will know. Why would I lie?

Superior or inferior

‘Become envious of anyone lower than you. You must become very small. In fact you must become nothing. Only a person who is nobody can abide in the Self. Bhagavan often spoke to us about the necessity of humility. On another occasion he told me, ‘No one should be our inferior. One who has learned …

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Ramana Maharshi

This was his first experience. He saw the body and he was outside it That was his initial experience at a very young age Later he had an higher experience. That was the end of all delusion


Not so easy to get rid of thoughts

64 Yogini

64 yōginiyōṁ have four major temples in India. Two in Odisha and three in Madhya Pradesh. In Orissa, near bhubaneshwar, near hirapur and bōlanagīra, in ranipur. In Madhya Pradesh, a morena is in the village panchayat mitāvalī in the police station. It is also known as ‘IKANTĒŚVARA MAHADEV TEMPLE’. The second temple is located in …

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