It’s a mammoth task

Reading and listening does not Give experience
One must make the mammoth task of silencing the mind.

Like it says in the Bible – Be still and know that I am

This silliness is absolute stillness of the mind. Of all emotions. All logic.

Then in an instant – God or pure consciousness dawns.

Few will make that effort. They want to chant. Listen. Praise God. But those things don’t impress God.

He wants your absolute attention – and that is achieved only when the mind is silent.

I never go or listen. I find it painful. Why leave the sanctuary of God within me to hear some fool talk about his imagination how God should could or would Be?

All I can say is Go within. Reach him within. He is eager to meet but first silence your mind.

Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son Isaac in the mount of Moriah This was in Genesis 22

Abraham means enlightenment
Moriah is gyana Bhumi – knowledge in sense of knowing first hand which is experience
Isaac means happiness / laugh/ pleasure

Our thoughts are our children /son Children constantly seek something to play or enjoy. We created them. Destroy them. Don’t paint a picture of God with your mind. He is far far more beautiful than what we can ever imagine.

Of course there is a much deeper meaning to the story.

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