What did Neem karoli Baba say about Jesus?

A boy came one time and asked, “Maharajji, did Jesus really get angry?” As soon as Maharajji heard the word “Jesus,” tears came to his eyes. He was sitting up when the question was asked, and he leaned over on his elbow and tapped his heart three times with tears coming down from his eyes. There was total silence for a moment. Maharajji had brought the reality of Christ into everyone’s consciousness, and he said, “Christ never got angry. When he was crucified he felt only love. Christ was never attached to anything; he even gave away his own body.” And at that point everyone was crying—we had gone through the complete Passion of Christ. And all of a sudden he sat up and said, “The mind can travel a million miles in the blink of an eye—Buddha said that.”

That was Neem Karoli Baba

In a second he went back and touched the entire life of Jesus before he replied

That is mediation and prayer and love. Seeing his life he cried with love

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