Religions are wrong!

Let’s say your going to climb Mount Everest. And you have a book which tells you how to get there. The directions are very incomplete. But not to worry! You have a teacher who can tell you exactly what the language in the book means and how you can climb Mount Everest ! Fantastic. Your Set

Except that the teacher or priest you have had never climbed Mount Everest!

That is the sad state of religions ! Some claim Bible is the only true book. It is the word of God
Others claim it is the Torah. A book which was created before time.
Others say it is the Gita or Vedas
Same thing With Koran

Everyone has a firm belief in their books. After all that is what they were told since childhood and then Reinforced by their respective religious teacher!

And that’s when conflict occurs

Now take a simple person like Vivekananda. No books. Just found a teacher. He asked him have you seen God and can you show him to me ? And it was done. Within a few years. No books. No discussion. Just realization.

So what will it be?
God or debates and discussion?

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