It takes time

When tilling ground for the cultivation of crops, one needs patience to destroy all useless weeds; and to wait, even though the ground then appears barren, until the hidden good seeds sprout into plants. It requires still more patience to clear the field of consciousness that is overgrown with weeds of useless attachments to sense pleasures, which are very difficult to uproot. Yet when the field of consciousness is cleared, and sown with seeds of good qualities, plants of noble activities sprout forth, yielding abundantly the fruits of real happiness. Above all, have patience to seek communion with God through deep meditation and to become acquainted with your indestructible soul, hidden within your perishable earthly body.
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

The weeds are the problem. It takes and ways the nourishment provided by Mother Earth and does not leave much for the soul to grow.

What are the weeds?

Lack of faith
Craving material things like money food and sex

How does lack of faith manifest?

Worries and anxiety

Are money food and sex that bad?

Initially one needs just enough to sustain the body and let us meditate worry free
In the final stages they are abandoned too

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