What is the difference between happiness and joy?

Well it is kind of individual isn’t it?

I like to reserve Joy as something divine

So here goes my viewpoint

Joy – divine How do you know it is divine? What is the sign? It is something that you will not tire of. You can remain immersed in samadhi for tens of thousands of years and never get tired of it.

Happiness – you get tired of it after a while. At least for a short time. For example food – you will get tired of the same food after a while. Same thing with sex. Same with company. After a while you just want to be by yourself for a while.

But you will never get tired of God. If you get tired of mediation, tired of prayer, tired of God – you have not reached the real thing!

Imagine you die and go to heaven. Think you can be in heaven for eternity say playing a harp and floating on a cloud? Or something like that?

Something is missing. That something is an actual connection with God

This is what Yogananda said


And so, dear ones, my Christmas will go on forever, in

ever increasing joy everlasting, If this joy were limited, as worldly

happiness is, a time would come when all would be finished. But

no saint will ever be able to exhaust the ever-new bliss of God.

—Paramahansa Yogananda, “ Man’s Eternal Quest “

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