Why do we suffer?

Well , we may never find the answer to this question

Historians and philosophers have tried to explain why people suffer. Often times we could say the reason is obvious

A smoker dies of lung cancer. Obvious maybe

But an infant having autism or born blind ?

What About young people dying young or having bad diseases ?

Why does God let them suffer? Maybe there is no God. Maybe the religions and priests created a concept to give us a method to cope ?

Anyway be it as it may the answer may be elusive.

I have suffered from certain ailments also. Once I cried intensely and then God showed me why the suffering was there. This had happened more than once.

So maybe there is a just God. But I still disapprove of his methods.

Well the right question to ask God is – no you don’t ask God s why you suffer. What we should ask for is God help me cope with it. Guide me through my pain and suffering and insecurity.

I have asked God for pain and suffering. It helped me a lot in life – to form a permanent connection with God. The world can be deceptive. And can be evil. My Allegiance is to God

What is to be done when we pray for God supporting hand and don’t get it? We pray more. After all if there is a God he knows what is best.

I still disagree with his methods. So I extend my love to those who need it!

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