Beautiful story of Maharshi – his grace

From ~~~ Ramana Periya Puranam, Echammal.

V. Ganesan ;

Echammal lived with her children and husband not far away from Tiruvannamalai. One night, she had a dream in which a young ascetic with a loin cloth and clean shaven head said something which she could not understand. Within a few days after the dream, she lost her husband, her son and one of her two daughters. A few days later, the same boy appeared again in her dream and recited a Sanskrit mantra which she could not follow. When she went to dream interpreters, all they would say was, “God is blessing you.” Feeling utterly lost, she wanted to go back to the village of her childhood with her only remaining daughter. When she was leaving, the third dream came. In the third dream, this same boy said, “Please return to the hill and disappear. You have lived your lives. Your three lives are over.” Even before she came to him, Bhagavan cleared Echammal‟s three apparent births through these three dreams!
After she went to her village, her second daughter who was ten or eleven also died. She could no longer bear the burden of her sorrow. Some of her relatives advised her to go on a yatra – a pilgrimage. Searching for solace, she left for North India. There she met sadhus, served them and gave them food. One of the sadhus initiated her into ashtanga yoga. He gave her a mantra and told her to concentrate on the tip of her nose. However, none of these worked. She still felt burdened with sorrow. When she returned to her village, a relative said, “At Arunachala, there is a young ascetic. He may not speak, but by serving him and being in his proximity you will receive his grace.” The very next day, she went to Tiruvannamalai. It was 1906 and Bhagavan was in Virupaksha cave. She went to have his darshan and Bhagavan looked at her for nearly an hour. She stood in front of Bhagavan with tears rolling down from her eyes. He had tears streaming down his own face as well. Not a single word transpired between them, but she felt an immense power, a mysterious force that seemed to keep her immobilized. Miraculously, there was not a drop of sorrow left in her.
She felt the grace and took a vow that she would feed this ascetic all her life.

This is grace from such high beings

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