Life of Jesus Christ

His name was Jesus and Christ was more of a title. A description of someone anointed or someone who has achieved a certain spiritual level. In those days, last names did not exist.
It is doubtful that such titles were given to many

He was born in Bethlehem. (Bethelehem meaning house of bread or place of nourishment – suspect it refers to nourishment for the sou. In the passage of time, the divine meaning gets lost, I suspect) In a manger. No one knows when he was born – the month. Various people have interpreted the month anywhere from December to January to April. I do not think this matter will be clarified anytime in the near future

3 wise men from the east followed a falling star that lead them to Jesus. Yogananda interprets the Star as Agna chakra the chakra in the forehead. Did they come to bless him ? Or did they come to receive his blessings?

Jesus father was a carpenter and was assigned the work of making a throne for the King. When it was about to be delivered, Joseph had a hard time assembling it. He had made a mistake in the dimensions. Jesus was only 5 and he came over and touched the throne – and all problems were resolved.

At the age of 12, Jesus left Jerusalem. The word comes from Yeru meaning make and shalom yiddish for complete. Make complete. Perhaps a city where people are made perfect. This is of course my interpretation but sadly, the current day places are no longer as great as described in the meaning

Where Jesus went, no one knows. Nicolas Notovitch a Russian historian is of the strong opinion that he went to India. There are a few indirect clues that this maybe correct. Yogananda believed it to be true. He believes Jesus met Babaji. There is a picture of Jesus carved out in the stones of a famous temple called Jagannath Puri in India.

The lost years span from around the age of 12 to 29. After that he revealed himself for 2 years till his crucifixion. the Bible – is basically a version of things and the life of Jesus for those 2 words. Many things are repeated based on different view points of his disciples

Originally there were 13 but Judas betrayed him. All the disciples were poor and did not have a high social or economic status. Even his disciples did not fully know his greatness. That came about much later..

Jesus did not reveal the name of his Guru or much about his missing years. Thus, much misunderstanding started.

The question of reincarnation is a constant debate. Debate to some but a firm conviction to many. Yogananda believed Jesus was Elijah in the past and his guru Elisha was John the Baptist. This was in the last birth. There is quote, – Elijah has already come. He was referring to John the Baptist. There are other quotes that refer to reincarnation but such matters are settled emotionally rather than going deep into meditation

A few salient points about his life

  1. His teacher was never revealed
  2. His missing years remains a matter of controversy to the historians
  3. His disciples were not reach and had low status. Surely Jesus could have attracted the rich and powerful but they were not worth his while. Current day teachers, priests and Guru are interested only in the rich and famous.
  4. He knew Judas would betray him on the first day he met him. Yet he gave him al his love. Judas did not get liberation for another 800 years tilll he was born again in Bhuvaneshwar in India. Even in his last birth he remained greedy about money
  5. The last night – garden of Gethsemane – Jesus prayed all night. His disciples were weak and could not stay up all night to meditate. Thus Jesus said, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
  6. Jesus worshipped his disciples that last night, knowing it would be the last time he will meet them
  7. Jesus asked for the crucifixion to be changed but God denied him
  8. He reappeared in 3 days to Mary but would not let her touch him, – his body was not fully materialized.
  9. Jesus came back another time on the day of tongues
  10. He came back one more time to St Paul as he was escaping Rome when he was threatened to crucifixion. Since Jesus was going to take Pauls place, Paul was ashamed and asked he be crucified upside down
  11. The Jesus was crucified 2 other thieves were crucified too. Jesus gave salvation to one other thief. This thief was a great Yogi in the past but slipped. Jesus delivered him in the last moments, even as Jesus was suffering. (This came from Vivekananda)
  12. Jesus suffered a lot. He was not in the center but on the extreme left. The soldiers finally pierced his heart with a spear and finally Jesus was able to leave the body
  13. There are stories about his shroud being found. I suspect this may not be authentic
  14. Elijah and Elisha had great powers. There were around the time of Abraham.
  15. The second coming of Christ is difficult to understand. Yogananda believes his second coming is in the depth of our meditations
  16. Jesus was a yogi. Many things he talked about refer to secret methods of meditation. These secrets are not revealed.

Of course a lot of these things are my version / interpretation. I have no desire to get into a debate or challenge anyone in their view points. I respect them just as much.

Many secrets are hidden in the Bible – the chapter of revelations, the story of David and the Goliath are in essence a perfect Yoga description.

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