Full concentration

I am usually reluctant to share deep secrets

What is full concentration?

Is it just thinking? No. The moment you try to stop thoughts they wander off.
Why our emotions and desires force the mind away
So emotions and desires and thinking – they all create problems. And let’s say there are rare moments in life – where you desire God, your thoughts are on God and you love God – yet the mind wanders off. What caused it?

It is prana. So control of prana with thoughts , desires and emotions is full concentration. All of it together and then it is very quick

Yogananda talked about it in God talk with Arjuna and Yogendra Vigyani said it in Mahayoga vigyan. The Bible talks about it in parables. Gita says it . Only a Guru can share the more in-depth secrets

The corollary is without this full concentration whatever else you do, you cannot go to perfection! Ever. This is the ultimate secret

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