Mental blocks


The mind as an instrument for tapping the power of God is limitless; I want to emphasize this to you all, as Paramahansaji did to those of us around him….Years ago he told us (and psychologists nowadays would certainly agree) that chronic worry, fear, nervous tension, and the other negative emotions—guilt, hate, jealousy, bitterness—close off the channels through which wisdom and healing flow from the deeper levels of consciousness. People become so tense and anxiety-ridden in struggling with their problems that they get emotionally “hung up.”

So when we have tried everything possible to solve our problem and nothing seems to do any good, the wisest course is simply this: Relax. Stop trying to deal with it through the limited human resources of the rational mind, which has brought you to your present state of frustration and tension. Surrender to the Divine with one hundred faith and trust. In other words, “Let go and let God.”

–Sri Daya Mataji (Intuition: Soul-Guidance for Life’s Decisions, p53-54)

A word of caution though. Let’s say you have an important exam. If the only thing that motivates you to study is stress, then you should focus on learning two things. Do the right thing and not having stress. You can’t say I will be worry free and God will take care of my exam.

That would be quite silly!

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