For those interested in Ramana Maharshi

The Mountain Path is a quarterly Journal founded in 1964
by Arthur Osborne and published by Sri Ramanasramam.

To access the past issues in pdf format, from 1964 to 2016, click below :

Ramana maharshi 1879-1950

Between 1850 to 1950 there was an abundance of very great perfected liberated mahatmas

The average reader only knows a few Famous ones. However the number of hidden ones is substantially higher. They were in many ways helping and shaping the destiny of many others – in ways we cannot fathom

Those who chose not reveal themselves play a more significant role than we can imagine. Why? Once exposed, they are constantly bombarded by petty requests of worldly people. No Doubt worldly people suffer and need help but these great saints are mostly interested in those who don’t want any material gain in this world. This includes lack of interests in food money fame sex etc.

Since most people are only interested in those things the great saints remain hidden

I participate in activities of the world but can’t wait till I have permission to give it all up and stay in a cave

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