So when does Love for everyone appear?

So everyone reads about – loving everyone. Helping others. I just published a list of wonderful things about Ram Dass.

However when does that kind of love appear? Let us keep reading it That is no doubt one of the highest aspiration of life. one must constantly strive to achieve that

But the yogi Know a secret. That love is a constant feature of yoga and meditation.

When does that love appear?

When you realize the universe is in you. Experience that. Not a miniature imaginary universe. But this external universe that you see. when you can truly give up the body consciousness and the ego you learn to expand. This is the true self. Once that is achieved love for all is but only natural

This is the love Jesus showed This is the love Buddha showed. This is the love gyaneshwar Maharaj showed. This is the love Ramkrishna had.

Reach there! My challenge to you. Don’t be stuck up in this body

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