Not only for SRF but also any earnest student

This is why I don’t advertise
I have told a few people about this blog. But no one wants to read
Rarely is anyone serious about finding God

Many would debate Yogananda. Same with Vivekananda.

Do you tend of thousands of purple heard Vivekananda. However he only had 2-3 disciples. Everyone else was not given much. They rest were not serious!

This true experience is indeed very rare. Wake up. Be serious. Have tears in your eyes. Have regret that why do I not have the true experience that destroys sadness, fear and destroys the need for any book or scripture

There is much more knowledge than all books put together within. Find it. Experience it. Don’t be a fool waste your life thinking you can reach there without a Guru A true Guru.

They usually are very picky. They want a sincere true disciple. Not a million

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