Whose fault?

In the words of mother ( aurobindo )

Don’t ever take lightly all the circumstances of each day, all the tiny little things of life, all the small events, you know; never take all this lightly. Never react with your lower being. Each time you are told to do something or not to do it – you are not told this very often, but each time you are told, before reacting think a little, try to find in yourself the part which reacts. Do not react just like that with what is most commonplace in you. Enter within yourself, try to find the best in yourself and with this you must react. It is very important, it is very important.

There are people who mark time for years because they haven’t done this. There are others who seem to fly, so fast do they go, because they pay attention to this. And those who don’t do that throw the blame always on the Divine. They accuse the Grace. They tell her, “It is You who deceived me, it is You who put me into difficulty, it is You who made me stumble, it is You who are a monster”, not exactly in these words, but their thought is like this. And so, naturally, they make their case worse because they push away even the help they could have had in their difficulty. There we are.

The Mother, Questions and Answers 1954, CWM volume 6, pages 444 – 445.

What does it mean?

Circumstances in life – even the smallest one – come in our daily life so we can correct ourself Not often, but it does happen, someone will tell you not to do something or tell you to do something. For example, your spouse may tell you not to go to store now, we will go together later. Now your heart was set on going and this comes up. What do you do ?
First thing to do is to observe carefully your own reaction. Are you Angry or upset? Is the anger directed to the spouse that she or he constantly bosses you ? Or is it because you suddenly wanted to leave the house? Or is it could be a reaction – great !- I don’t have to go alone Here there is a problem of you not wanting to do the chore. In any event look and figure out your reaction. Gently correct it Your reaction.

This would be the beginning of learning how to be pure. Or learning to have witness attitude – sakshi bhav.

Our mind is bombard constantly with reaction. If only, you Learn to correct your reaction, improve yourself, then in many ways it would be like constant mediation. **Dont be under the illusion it is easy. Many times your mind will tire. You will feel why me? This is not fair. I airways end up enduring and giving up. If that is your lot , your destiny JUST ENDURE. There is no other way out. God knows the perfect situations you need to correct yourself

These steps are the first steppe yoga that are called Yama and niyama**

Without doing the first steps, you cannot really go to any of the deeper steps. Try as you may

Without exception, God constantly pulls us back to him. However, initially he does not talk. But later he will talk. Just as clearly as reading my blog. Without ambiguity

No matter how you react, the circumstances in life will not change. So why not react perfectly by not reacting – get a few million extra favors from God?

Remember, your life goal is to escape. Not to remain a slave to circumstances or senses or your mind. Do you have what it takes to do it?

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