Have a goal

Most people will live life aimlessly. Sure you think when your young you want a degree, good job, lots of money, travel and pleasures
By the time to turn 50 you realize it’s a tall task.
By now often times we are worried by health, retirement and our goal changes like wise. And may be we look forward to having grand kids etc

But by the time you turn 60, you wonder about life. Your more cynical.

Of course this is a very negative perspective

But my challenge to you is this – have a Goal. That is tangible. Anyone can get. They have all the means to get it. Be pure. Get rid of your anger. Emotions. Desires for the world try to reach God.
And suddenly you will find meaning in life enthusiasm. It will be a daily battle. But 10 years later you will be happy. You will feel I am a better person

And that is something Tangible you can take with you in your next life !

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