How to help the world – seriously! I mean it

This is a beautiful explanation by Mother. In India, there is a short prayer that people recite daily

Sarva Sukhina santu ( May all have happiness)
Sarve santu niramaya ( May all have good health)
Sarve bhadrani pashyantu ( May all see noble / divinity be seen everywhere)
Ma kashcid dukha apnuyat ( May no one have even the slightest unhappiness)

This is what we must pray. Daily. From the deepest recesses of our being. Such total purity must be strived for. Then the world can instantly become good. If only a handful of people could do it

What mother wrote

Can one help the world with a vibration of goodwill?
With good wishes one can change many things, only it must be an extremely pure and unmixed goodwill. It is quite obvious that a thought, a perfectly pure and true prayer, if it is sent forth into the world, does its work. But where is this perfectly pure and true thought when it passes into the human brain? There are degradations. If through an effort of inner consciousness and knowledge, you can truly overcome in yourself a desire, that is to say, dissolve and abolish it, and if through inner goodwill, through consciousness, light, knowledge, you are able to dis solve the desire, you will be, first of all in yourself personally, a hundred times happier than if you had satisfied this desire, and then it will have a marvellous effect. It will have a repercussion in the world of which you have no idea. It will spread forth. For the vibrations you have created will continue to spread. These things grow larger like the snowball. The victory you win in your character, however small it be, is one which can be gained in the whole world. And it is this I meant just now: all things which are done outwardly without changing the inner nature — hospitals, schools, etc. — are done through vanity, for the feeling of being great, whilst these small unnoticed things overcome in oneself gain an infinitely greater victory, though the effects are hidden. Every movement in you which is false and opposed to the truth is a negation of the divine life. Your small efforts have considerable results which you don’t even have the satisfaction of knowing, but which are true and have precisely an impersonal and general effect.
If you really want to do something good, the best thing you can do is to win your small victories in all sincerity, one after another, and thus you will do for the world the maximum you are able to.

The Mother, Questions and Answers 1953, CWM Volume 5, pages 19 – 20.

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